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American Tourists Say and Do the Craziest Things

Each tourist season we collect these little anecdotes that American tourist seem so willing to provide. All we have to do is sit in the main plaza with pen and notebook in hand. Enjoy!.

Old American Male: What's there to do in this town?.Sweet Mexican woman: Have you tried visiting our city's churches?.Old American Male: I've been all over the world and have seen more churches than I care to remember. I don't need to see any more God d***ed churches.High School American girls: Oh my God, can you believe the toilet paper dispenser was OUTSIDE the stall?.American Restaurant Patron: I asked for a "real" taco.

American cab rider: I want "real" money in change and not pesos.American Student: Are all the Mexican women this fat?.American (Texan) Housewife: Do you realize just how corrupt your government is here?.American Freak-a-Zoid Hippie: I can't believe you Americans (expats) who want to live in such a poor country.American woman in tour-group: You shouldn't feed your child something like that for breakfast! (She says this to a Mexican mother.

).American man fat and balding: They have no booze in this grocery store for Christ's sake.American Country Club Snobs: What do you mean there's no golf course here?.American teenaged male: Where's the mall so I can cruise for Mexican chicks?.

American 10-year old: But I wanted a Happy-Meal!.American Redneck Hick: Donch y'all have no cafeterias down to where you're from?.American Old Crow (female): Walks into a bank and begins screaming, "I know some mother-f***er employee here speaks English and I want to talk to them right now!".American Senior Citizen: But I demand a Senior citizen's discount on this roasted ear of corn.American Hotel Patron: Why don't you get ESPN?.

San Miguel de Allende American Expat: Stands in front of a Mexican young person's rock band and gives them "the finger" until the concert is disrupted.Middle-aged American backpacker: Walks into a crowded restaurant and announces, "All Mexican women are b**ches".Another American Redneck Hick: What kind of speech do y'all talk down here?.American Woman in English bookstore: She points to something she finds inappropriate and tells the owner it is a sacrilege that she has such an item.Another chubby bald American: I am worried about all the graft in Mexico (I guess he doesn't keep up on graft in America![1].

I have to make a comment here: Americans act as though America is the paragon of all that is good in the world. Where does this self-delusion come from? They are so quick to point out corruption in another country while wickedness of all sorts is going on right under their noses! Perhaps the Minuteman Project fanatics who blame the Mexican migrant workers for exploiting services should do a little self-examination at their own fraud.see footnoted quote!.Can someone please explain this to me?.

So ends my story on Americans say and do the craziest things!.[1] Billions Misspent by Medicaid in New York State, Tuesday,.HealthIssues Daily Briefing, July 19, 2005.

Billions Misspent by Medicaid in New York State A year-long investigation by the New York Times found that the New York state Medicaid program has been misspending billions of dollars annually because of "fraud, waste and profiteering." According to the Times, the program has become so huge, so complex and so lightly policed that it is easily exploited. NewYork's Medicaid program spends about $44.5 billion annually, which is more than any other state, including California, whose Medicaid program covers about 55 percent more people.

.Freelance writer, Syndicated Columnist, and book author, Doug Bower, has written a compelling new book titled, AMERICA'S ANTI-MEXICAN XENOPHOBIA. Have you wondered if the Minuteman Project is really on the "up and up"? Have you wondered if they represent all that is good and right with America?paragons of patriotic virtue? Doug Bower may have the answers you've been looking for.

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By: Douglas Bower


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