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The Dominican Republic The Secret is Out

(Permission is freely granted to use this article so long as our about the author/resource box remains at the end of this article and with all links live.) As two Dominican sisters currently living away from our much loved homeland we started developing our traveler information resource www.visiting-the-d in the last quarter of 2004 for a number of reasons. First and perhaps foremost it helps to keep us in touch with the Dominican Republic, as we offer a comprehensive 'contact us with your questions about the DR' service.

We endeavor to answer anything we can about our country, and will research those things we don't have an instant answer to. Another motivating reason for starting www.visiting-the-d ominican-republic.

com related to the fact that we found so many so-called information sites either deficient in any really useful information, or else merely excuses to field a host of adverts and links (often dead, dubious or irrelevant ones at that). Our aim was to 'do a Carlsberg' (maybe that's just a reference for UK TV addicts!) and provide what is 'probably the best' no-cost information resource for anyone visiting the Dominican Republic for a vacation, on business or to seek that ideal property for investment or even retirement. If you haven't considered the Dominican Republic for any of these reasons yet?then we have written this short article to suggest why you should! Indeed the DR has often been described as the Caribbean's 'best kept secret', and even today, even though tourism figures have increased over recent times, this amazing and diverse 'jewel' of a country still represents one of the least 'discovered' regions compared with other often over-priced and over-exploited Caribbean hot-spots! (We recently published another article 'The Dominican Republic ? Almost a Tropical Paradise', that highlights just a few of the things that the DR offers the lucky visitor - see GoArticles.) We naturally have mixed feelings about 'betraying' the secrets of our much loved birthplace, but in today's world of commercial realities we also recognize that the economic benefit that tourism can bring to our country is more than just necessary for a land that has suffered more than its fair share of exploitative political regimes and economic crises (since as far back as the time of Columbus' first footfall on that fateful day back in 1492!) As the DR emerges into this new millennium it seems at last that a forward thinking Government is at the Dominican Republic's helm. Investing heavily in numerous essential aspects of the country's infra-structure, and promoting the many marvellous attractions the country has to offer to a wider world audience, are just two of the things that President Fernandez and his team have already embarked upon. But what about those thinking of visiting the Dominican Republic for more than just a vacation? Well, it is becoming recognised that the DR is a haven for speculators seeking the 'next big thing' in property and business investment.

The DR still offers opportunities for those who want a truly tropical 'place in the sun' that won't break-the-bank! At the moment the DR still offers some of the most attractive prices in the Caribbean for villas, fincas and land!.Though these are set to rise over the next few years as the so-called 'best kept secret of the Caribbean' becomes more widely recognised for the very special place it is. People like ex (US) President Bill Clinton and his wife Hilary, Antonio Banderas, 'J-Lo', Julio Iglesias and many other 'celebs' have already staked their claim! And we haven't even mentioned the tax-free trading incentives for new business ventures. which are making the DR one of the best places in the world to 'relocate' your business to, or establish a new enterprise in. But I guess we'll save that for another article.

though, naturally, there is already some useful information and contacts featured on www.visiting-the-d that you may wish to 'peruse' at your leisure! Travel to the DR is becoming increasingly easy and economical, and staying there can still be one of the best bargains in the Caribbean. Cheap local accommodation is widely available, and the DR truly offers the vacationer the chance to get to experience the atmosphere and surroundings of the true Caribbean - something the smaller, and better known destinations can no longer absolutely promise.

So whether you are. .looking for the opportunity to hike through old coffee plantations and refresh yourself in a cascading waterfall in Jarabacoa. .or prefer to relax with the family on a safe, sheltered, beach in a lovely sea-side resort like Sosua. .

or are looking forward to standing shoulder to shoulder with the local 'beisbol' fanatics, and joining them screaming for some of the World's best players at one of the main stadiums in Santo Domingo, or other 'baseball crazy' towns. .or your desire is to skim the waves at breathtaking speeds harnessed to a giant kite by day and dance the night away doing the sexy merengue with the locals ? in Cabarete. .or you just want to laze away the days in a barely discovered corner of the picturesque Samana peninsula, like Las Terrenas or Las Galeras.

slowly sipping a Dominican rum cocktail! Or if you are, perhaps, thinking of a permanent relocation.and want to be able to do any of these things any day you fancy! Then the DR offers something for everyone. We LOVE our truly amazing homeland - "warts and all" - and we are sure you will too! Ruth and Esther Ramos, www.visiting-the-d ominican-republic.

com Copyright 2005, All rights reserved. Article must be published as is (unedited) and with the author's bio paragraph (resource box) and copyright information included. .

By: Ruth & Esther Ramos


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The Dominican Republic The Secret is Out - (Permission is freely granted to use this article so long as our about the author/resource box remains at the end of this article and with all links live.

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