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Checks For Your Next Vacation Rental

1. Always book your vacation rental as early as your planning allows. The better vacation rental homes book out quickly. 2. Check very carefully that the price quoted for your vacation rental is FULLY inclusive & that there are no hidden extras - if they do make quite sure that you are fully aware! 3.

Always ask for full details regarding the location of your vacation rental reach you immediately after you have paid your full balance. 4. Do not book your flight or ferry UNTIL you have full confirmation that your vacation rental home has been reserved for you. 5. Ask for full details regarding exactly what equipment is in your vacation rental - you will then know exactly what you need to take with you.

6. The vacation rental marketplace is very competitive - it is always worthwhile to ask for a deal - just don't expect to get one on every occassion, particularly in the high season. 7. If you require car rental along with your vacation rental, always ask the Vacation Rental Company for a quote - they will often get you a good deal, particularly if it seals the vacation rental deal As of the 1st February 2006 Sun Villas Direct Ltd have increased their vacation rental offering throughout Europe, the USA & the Caribbean to in excess of 50,000 holiday home units. Vacation rentals are now offered within Europe in the UK, Ireland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany, Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Bosnia, Croatia, Turkey, Greek Islands, Austria, Holland, Belgium, France, Spain, Portugal, Malta, Cyprus, Sardinia, the Balearic & the Canary Islands.

Vacation rentals are also available in a number of Caribbean islands with over 300 available in Jamaica and a comprehensive vacation rental offering in Florida & throughout the USA. Sun Villas Direct Ltd's affiliation with Interhome, Novasol & Eurorelais follows their affiliation with Travel Now, a major vacation rental operator in the USA, the Caribbean, Europe, Asia & Australasia. With these vacation rental affiliations, Sun Villas Direct Ltd are now one of the largest European suppliers of holiday homes.

All vacation rentals include the facility of direct online booking of holiday home units through the Sun Villas Direct Ltd site, . Vacation rentals offered include villas, cottages, apartments, condos, gites, fincas & mobile homes.

The vacation rental villas range from total luxury in Jamaica at $14,000 rental per week to a basic villa rental at $550 rental per week in the Czech Republic. Vacation rental cottages, apartments, condos, gites, fincas & mobile homes start from around $200 per week. For further information on vacation rentals visit the vacation rentals search page at http://www.sunvillasdirect. com.

I hope your next vacation rental choice is absolutely everything you could wish for. .

By: Barry Williams


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