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The COSTA Las Vegas Manhattan Does Not COST A Lot

Why does everyone look forward to a holiday in summer and not the autumn when the weather is damp dismal and gloomy? Why not winter when freezing weather conditions prevents us from leaving the home? Why do people leave a summer behind to go abroad on holiday when all the flowers and bud cascading blossoms are in bloom. Why when the birds sing? Well let me tell you, people have waited all year round scrimping to save to give the family a holiday but due to work commitments and kiddies schooling people are forced to travel when the system says so. Okay so our options are zilch on when we travel but what the system has no say on is what we leave behind and that is all our cares and woes. A fortnight away on holiday lies ahead, two weeks of pure relaxation, eating, drinking, partying, dancing, golfing and sailing. The sheer thought of sunbathing on a hot sun kissed beach toned to a perfect bronze is a fabulous way of forgetting all your troubles even if only for a short while. Kiddies clubs scattered all over with fully trained staff to keep the children out of harms way and happy.

Just like the water and theme parks. Appetizing gourmet meals served up daily to suit every palette. Fast food outlets dishing up french fries and burger smothered with lashings of ketchup. Steaming red hot lobster shrimp and crab eaten while over looking the azure ocean.

A chilled cocktail sipped while the romantic setting of the evening sunset disappears. Dancing till dawn can take its toll increasing the yearning for the tranquillity of secluded coves. Peace and quiet can be found all over especially on the well maintained golf courses. Hotel staff offer top quality service, comfort is first and foremost on their list of duties while attending to your needs. Hospitality and history of their native culture is shared with you if asked.

Nightly sing along sessions with famous faces and karaoke for all those who love to take their voices to the extreme. Water sport activities for the fast and furious who want a piece of the action, all this surrounded by the most beautiful scenery. A definite feel of Manhattan comes through strong with the stream line of hotels that run along the palm tree promenade. The glitzy colourful neon lights brighten up the skies; eat your heart out Las Vegas and not forgetting their very own Monte Carlo area with its casino. If nightlife is what you seek then put Ibiza on hold.

None of the above tickles your fancy then surely a night at the palace may just do the trick. The tricky part is where to look for a holiday that has worldwide destinations included in the price. Where is this palace you speak of. In BENIDORM of course? .

By: Kacy Carr


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