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Top Argentina Attractions For A More Memorable Trip

When you travel to Argentina, you will most likely arrive in Buenos Aires, which is a stunner of a huge metropolitan city. Buenos Aires is the number 1 Argentina Attraction, and where the adventure begins.This is a list of the top 10 things to do when you Travel to Argentina.1.

Buenos Aires is a cosmopolitan city filled with nooks and crannies to satisfy the pallet of the most experienced world traveler. The city is gigantic and each neighborhood offers rewards in architecture, cultural treasures and urban life. Tango was born in the neighborhood of San Telmo and La Boca. The government is located in the Buenos Aires City Center. Shopping is extremely unique and the nightlife is vibrant.

Everyone is good looking, even the dogs. Transportation is abundant but it's wise to bring a pair of comfortable shoes and take a walking tour of the city.2. Iguazu Falls is one of the unclaimed natural wonders of the world.

The entire journey there, and the semitropical jungle itself, is an adventure you will never forget. Not to mention the endless waterfalls that border with Brazil in this Northern Argentina attraction. Make sure you take the boat ride underneath the falls and use plastic bags to keep your things from getting wet.

3. Buenos Aires Tango is the most unique cultural contribution Argentina has made to the world in the last 100 years. It is currently enjoying a comeback and the options for viewing it are staggering. To make the most of a day in Buenos Aires, the Buenos Aires tango tours are the ticket. You will get a tour of the different areas of where Tango began and why.

You get a Tango lesson, tango shopping, a tango restaurant and one of the best Tango shows available. And if this still does not satisfy, you can go to a Tango milonga for late night entertainment romp.4. The Recoleta Cemetery is located in the elite neighborhood of Recoleta. This cemetery brings to life the history of its country like no cemetery in the world. All the legends of Argentina are laid to rest here including past dictators, scoundrels, heroes, and the most famous woman of South America, Eva Peron.

(Evita) The Recoleta Cemetery is a 13-acre labyrinth of concrete, sculptures and architectural masterpieces so it is a good idea to have a knowledgeable English speaking tour guide.5. Bariloche Argentina is a progressive Southern Argentina city and growing swiftly due to its healthy environment.

It is located on a picturesque lake and in the Andes mountains range. Bariloche is also the jumping off point for out door adventures in the Patagonia region. But this quaint mountain town is most famous for superb world class skiing.

6. Salta Argentina is an exotic city steeped in history and located in an arid region in Northern Argentina. This area was once part of the Inca Empire and the Inca ruins are worth exploring.

The famous train here is called The Train In The Clouds. Although this train offers panoramic mountainous views of the area, it sometimes gets stuck in the clouds and may not be running. Still, Salta is beautiful with rolling hills, historic sights, excellent fishing and a relaxed atmosphere.

7. Argentina beef has become world famous because the cows graze on nutrient rich river basin soil from the Rio De Plate. In addition, the climate of the Pampas region is mild and moist all year round making the beef tasty and succulent. The cow itself led the country to an economic boom in the early 1900's that allowed for great infrastructure and decadent architecture that remains intact today.

8. Buenos Aires restaurants are where you can find the beef. You pay for what you get in Buenos Aires. Most restaurants have the same Italian menu and are very conservative. However even in those, you will find great parillas, good beef and chorizo. But if you cough up a little extra devauled currency, and go slightly upscale, you will find just about every kind of dining experience available to man at these excellent Buenos Aires restaurants.

9. The Colon Theater in Buenos Aires has hosted some of the most famous performances of each decade over the last century. It is still one of the top opera houses in the world and worth a look. Today it houses one of the most extensive costume collections on the planet.10. Argentina products and shopping - Due to the devaluation of the peso in 2001, Argentina tries to rely heavily on it's own industry and production.

Therefore, in the shops scattered all over Argentina, you will find unique goods only found in Argentina and at fantastic prices. This includes rare stones, leather goods, and clothes and shoes. And don't forget about Argentina wine.

The Melbec is the best but since it's hard to pack, we recommended that you finish the bottle before you leave the country.

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By: Tom Wick


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